Airport Wind cone

Product name : Wind cone
Pole material : 304 stainless steel
Pole size : 2,3,4,5,6,7m, custom
Pole type : Telescopic & Non telescopic
Base material : 304 stainless steel
Base size : 25*25*12mm; 50*50*12mm, custom
Base type : Tiltable & fixed
Lights : 1PCS obstruction light + 2/4PCS flood lights
Power input : AC220V & DC24V
Windsock material : PVC, polyurethane coated nylon, custom
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Product Details
1 Technical Parameters 1.1 Dimensions (mm) 1.2 Technical specification
Airport Wind cone
1.Adopt advanced LED chips, low power consumption, high brightness, the life is more than 3 years. 2.With voltage short circuit protection, over voltage protection,and over temperature protection. 3.Low power consumption, professional flash switch. 4.Adopt corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet 304 stainless steel; 5.With built-in light sensor, can be automatically ON at night while OFF in the daytime; ON/OFF via switch is also available. 6.With lightning protection function. 3. Installation a) Please read carefully the product specification before using the driver to make sure the operation environment can meet the requirement as per the specification. b) While connecting the tube to the power, please make sure the switch is “off”. c) Do not disassemble the lamp by yourself. 4. Maintenance 4.1 keep every screw in tight 4.2 keep the lights OFF when not use. 5. Standard This wind cone is 100% designed compliant to ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization), standard, Annex 14, volume 1, dated July 2016.

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