Solar obstruction light medium A

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Solar obstruction light medium A

Star Stanadrd offers a complete line of aviation obstruction lighting solutions and beacons that help aircrafts avoid collisions by marking structures that occupy airspace. Meeting obstruction light requirements across multiple industries-Telecomm towers, Radio towers, Cooling Towers; Cable-stayed bridges; Wind turbines, Smokestacks & Chimneys, Tall buildings,High structures,Cranes, Power transmission lines. LED aviation obstruction lights(Also called “aircraft warning lights” ) are low, medium and high-intensity lighting devices attached to tall structures as collision avoidance measures.

Such devices make structures more visible to aircraft, and are usually used at night, although they may be used during the day. Certifications: ICAO Annex 14, 4th Edition, July 2004; ICAO low intensity, type B; FAA AC No. 150/5345-43F, 2006; FAA type L810; DGAC Mexico. For helicopter perimeter landing lights.


Rules concerning solar obstruction lights(aircraft beacons) are established by the ICAO (Annex 14, Chapter 6). Our Medium Intensity Lights are all certified and homologated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and can be installed on every obstacle between 45 and 150M of height (Pylons, Civil Engineering Structures, Buildings, Cranes, and Chimneys).
For obstacles that tall it is recommended to plan an illumination on various levels, with Medium Intensity Light at the top, and Low Intensity Light Type B at the intermediate level.
Also, according to the rules, an uninterruptible power supply cabinet has to be installed to insure a 12-hour beacon in case of power supply failure.

Solar obstruction light medium A

Our Medium Intensity Aircraft Warning Lights range is composed of 5 versions:

  • Type A white flashing (20 000 Cd in day mode, and 2 000 Cd in night mode)
  • Type B red flashing (2 000 Cd in night mode)
  • Type C red steady burning (2 000 Cd in night mode)
  • Type A&B white flashing (20 000 Cd in day mode) and red flashing (2 000 Cd in night mode)
  • Type A&C white flashing (20 000 Cd in day mode) and red steady burning (2 000 Cd in night mode)

Our Medium Intensity Lights are functioning with Led Technology.
That technology allows us to develop sturdier, watertight (IP66) and very low-consuming lights with a long lifetime (100 000 hours).

Our products also benefit from integrating important options such as the photocell when a nocturnal lighting is needed, and the dry contact.
And for a complete solution, Delta Box offers Power Supply Cabinets, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and Solar Power Supplies.

This white flashing solar obstruction light medium B is widely used in tall buildings, iron towers, large bridges, cranes, chimneys, lighthouses, high voltage transmission towers, drill platforms, etc.



CAAC:MH/T 6012


Product features

① This is our self-developed product with self-intellectual property, the patent no.:201310073953.6.

② This product adopts high efficiency LED light source, world leading importing chips packaging, life is more than 100,000 hours, with self-developed patented optical lens, have a brilliant optical effects, high efficiency of light source conversion, evident energy-saving effect.

③ The heat-sinking and structural parts adopt lightweight aluminum alloy, with good heat dissipation, small in size, lightweight, easy for transportation and installation.

④ Adopts world leading Li battery, big capacity, light weight, life is more than 5 years, reduce use’s cost of transportation and maintenance. Can work continuously for 7 days on rainy days.

⑤ Adopts solar power system, stalinite  monocrystal silicon solar power, 20% efficiency.

⑥ This product equips with light control and GPS synchronous control system, it can control the switches automatically and synchronous flashing.

Solar obstruction light medium A

Specification:                           Installation size:

Net weight(kg)3.5(Not include battery & solar panel)
Effective intensity(cd)20000±25%
Power input24V,48V(Optional)
Flashing rate(Times/min)20~60
Rated power(W)≤20W
Light control environment   (cd/㎡)50-500
IP degreeIP66
Environment tempt.(℃)-40~+55
Environment humidity(%)0~95
Wind load(M/S)≥80
Solar obstruction light medium A

According to regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), any structure that exceeds 45m above ground level is required to be properly marked with aviation obstruction lights. Tall structures like towers, industrial chimneys & smokestacks, and even wind turbines will need to adhere to minimum requirements in order to meet safety regulations.

The height of the structure is only one factor that must be considered when choosing how to place aviation warning lights. Structure diameter, weather, terrain, proximity to airports, and other considerations will ultimately determine the required obstruction lighting setup.

Industrial Access can help establish the proper aviation obstruction light configuration to keep you up to code and within regulations. These warning systems require special attention as regulations continue to evolve. Since requirements may vary depending on your location, the type of structure, and environmental concerns, it’s best to consult with a professional that has specific knowledge of regulation & installation requirements.

Star Standard’s R&D team of highly trained rope access technicians can quickly & efficiently install, maintain, and repair aviation obstruction lights on your tall structures or industrial chimneys. Contact us today so we can assess your high angle needs.