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Rechargeable portable lights

Star Standard Heliports’ Rechargeable Portable Battery Powered LED Helipad Lighting System has the state-of-the-art technology in the market today. Designed for rapid deployment in temporary and emergency situations to provide safe landings and effective marking in a variety of conditions.


Portable lights are for use only on a temporary basis and are not suitable for permanent use.  They are intended primarily for visual flight rules (VFR) operations.  Where portable edge lights are used to identify the runway threshold, they should be supplemented with portable runway end identifier lights to improve runway end definition.  Portable lights must be securely anchored to withstand wind, wake vortices, and propeller/jet blasts.


The FAA recommends the guidelines and standards in this AC for L-863 Portable Runway and Taxiway Lights. This AC does not constitute a regulation and in general is not mandatory. However, use of these guidelines is mandatory for L-863 Portable Runway and Taxiway Lights funded under Federal grant assistance programs. Mandatory terms such as “must” apply only to those who purchase L-863 Portable Runway and Taxiway Lights using Airport Improvement Program (AIP) or Passenger Facility Charge Program (PFC) funds. These standards must be met where lighting systems are required for FAA-developed procedures.

Housing of the rechargeable portable lights

  1. The housing must be fabricated from high-impact plastic, nonferrous metal, or from ferrous metal suitably protected against corrosion. 
  2. Copper bearing hardware in contact with aluminum must be nickel or zinc plated. 
  3. Housings must have sufficient strength and rigidity to support the battery and withstand normal handling. 
  4. Joints between metal and glass must be sealed by watertight gaskets that conform to all the environmental requirements in paragraph 3.2 of this specification. 
  5. The bottom surface of the housing must allow the light unit to remain in a stable upright operating position when the light unit is placed on a flat surface. 
  6. The standard above ground height for airport lighting fixtures is 14 inches (35 cm) for Type L-863W, L‑863W/Y, L‑863R/G, L-863Y, L-863R, l-863G, and L-863B fixtures, and 24 inches (60 cm) for the Type L-863E fixture.  This height must include the battery housing, anchoring provisions, and any other attachments.  For fixtures above these heights, adhere to guidance in AC 150/5340-30, Design and Installation Details for Airport Visual Aids; reference the figure, “Adjustment of Edge Light Elevation for High Snowfall Areas.” This allows light fixtures to be up to 30 inches in height if placed up to 10 feet away from the runway/taxiway pavement edge. 
  7. The color of all external non-light transmitting surfaces, with the exception of external hardware, must be yellow.

Radio Control

A remote radio control for the portable lights must be offered as an optional feature and may be specified by the consumer at the time of purchase.  See AC 150/5345-49, Specification L-854, Radio Control Equipment, for more information about radio remote controls and frequency requirements.


  1. The lamp used with the L-863W, L-863W/Y, L-863R/G, L-863Y, L-863R, l-863G, and L-863B units must have a rated life of at least 1000 hours. 
  2. The L-863E lamp must have a rated life of at least 1,500 hours when flashed at the required rate of 60 to 80fpm. 
  3. Power to the lamp must be controlled by an externally operated switch that meets all the environmental requirements in paragraph 3.2 of this specification.

Alternative Lighting Devices (ALD)

  1. ALD portable runway lights are lighted fixtures that use a light source other than incandescent or xenon lamps, (i.e., Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), halogen, cold cathode, etc.).
  2. ALD lights must meet all the specifications and requirements for portable runway and taxiway lights in this document.
  3. All ALD light devices must meet the following requirements only per Engineering Brief 67.

(1)    Chromaticity

(2)    High Temperature Test

(3)    If multiple light devices to produce a single light source are used, the design must ensure the unit meets the light output specification in Table 1.  The unit must discontinue operation if at least 25 percent of the light devices fail.

  1. L-863E light units that use ALD must have all testing conducted in the flashing mode.
  2. Power to the ALD must be controlled by an externally operated switch that meets all the environmental requirements in paragraph 3.2 of this specification.

Rechargeable Batteries

  1. Rechargeable batteries must be of a readily available type that will power the light fixtures on a full charge for a minimum of 12 hours, while maintaining the photometric requirements contained in paragraph 3.3. 
  2. Fixtures designed to use rechargeable batteries must be equipped with voltage monitoring to prevent excessive battery depletion.

Optical system

  1. The optical system must consist of a transparent outer cover and may include reflectors and shields. 
  2. The cover may be either glass or plastic conforming to MIL-C-7989B, Amendment 2, dated 8 September 1982.  An internal coating of the lens is permitted.
  3. For units with a replaceable in-field light source, the cover must be designed to be easily removed and replaced and retain correct alignment after replacement. 
  4. Reflectors, if used, may be plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum with a specular finish.

Portable Helipad Lighting Systems

Star Standard portable helipad lighting kit is ideal for Air Ambulance operations and other emergency situations where a temporary landing area is needed and can be easily configured and deployed to suit local requirements.

Star Standard portable helipad lighting kit provides temporary lighting at emergency landing zones. The helipad lights have a minimum range of 4km and an autonomy in excess of 750 hours. The lights have a strong magnetic base to hold them securely on the steel base plates provided, preventing them from being dislodged by rotor wash. The steel plates come in high visibility aviation yellow.

The batteries are easily replaced by the user and the kit comes standard with high powered, readily available, air alkaline batteries.

All components are neatly housed in a sturdy storage case on wheels for easy and convenient transportation.

Rechargeable portable lights

Portable Helipad Lighting Kits

Rechargeable portable lights

The portable helipad lighting kits can be used when maximum portability is required and offers partial NVG support for smaller helicopters. It contains 9 steady burning green lights,3 navigation lights and mounting plates all stored in a portable case.

The kits have been designed to comply with ICAO Annex 14 requirements and offers full NVG support. It consists of 9 steady burning green visible/IR (infrared) lights, one flashing white visible/IR(infrared) light, mounting plates and portable storage case.

Rechargeable portable lights


  • Each portable light has NVG compatible red, blue, green, white visible LEDs and infra-red and is programmable to show steady-on, flash warning, location beacon or Morse Code with the option of automatic sunset switching.
  • Portable lights are fitted as standard with a UHF transceiver and each individual light or set of lights can be programmed, interrogated and controlled by wireless commands.
  • Portable lights can be operated by Remote Lighting Controller or using a PC transceiver with USB connector provided with each case as standard. Wireless can set up, test and control groups of lights via the UHF transceiver.
  • Portable lights system contains up to 12 landing lights, each light weights about 2.3kg, A full case weighs about 60kg.
  • Portable lights is rechargeable in its case via mains at 100-240V AC, vehicles at 15-24VDC, solar or wind power and is IP65 rated, with stainless steel base for stability.
  • The portable LED helipad lighting system is designed according to NATO1:STANAG 3534(Ed.5 & Ed.6);
    NATO2:STANAG 7025;
    FAA: AC151/5345-50B
  • Run Time Steady – Up to 100 hours(Different color, different hours)
  • Recharging Time – fully exhausted to fully charged in 3 hours.
Rechargeable portable lights
Water test
Rechargeable portable lights
Aging test
Rechargeable portable lights
Rechargeable portable lights

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Rechargeable portable lights
Rechargeable portable lights

Why choose Star Standard?

With more than 9 years’ experience in helipad lights, portable lights, etc. Star Standard dedicates to lead the aviation industry in China,

With our strong R&D team of photometric & chromatic and our extensive background in portable lights and monitoring, No worries! We assure you that you can find exactly the right solution for your application.

  • On-site checking, measuring, installation, on-site maintenance and repairs and lighting inspections via our field services team.
  • Trainings for portable lights, lighting system, control system, monitoring system, etc.

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