Medium solar obstruction light-B

Model : L-864(L)
Size : 566.5×434.5×650mm
Rated power : ≤2W
Input voltage : Customizable(DC input)
Light source : LED
Light color : Red
Effective light intensity(cd) : 2000±25%
Operating mode : 20-60 flashes/min(adjustable)
Operating tempt. : -40~+55℃
Wind load : 80m/s
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Product Details
Application: This white flashing medium solar obstruction light-B is widely used in tall buildings, iron towers, large bridges, cranes, chimneys, lighthouses, high voltage transmission towers, drill platforms, etc. Standard: ICAO:ANNEX 14 CAAC:MH/T 6012 FAA:AC150/5345-43G Product features ① This is our self-developed product with self-intellectual property, the patent no.:201310073953.6. ② This product adopts high efficiency LED light source, world leading importing chips packaging, life is more than 100,000 hours, with self-developed patented optical lens, have a brilliant optical effects, high efficiency of light source conversion, evident energy-saving effect. ③ The heat-sinking and structural parts adopt lightweight aluminum alloy, with good heat dissipation, small in size, lightweight, easy for transportation and installation. ④ Adopts world leading Li battery, big capacity, light weight, life is more than 5 years, reduce use’s cost of transportation and maintenance. Can work continuously for 7 days on rainy days. ⑤ Adopts solar power system, stalinite  monocrystal silicon solar power, 20% efficiency. ⑥ This product equips light control and GPS synchronous control system, it can control the switches automatically and synchronous flashing. Specification:                           Installation size:
Model L-864(L)
Item Specification
Size(mm) 566.5×434.5×650
Net weight(kg) 3.5
Effective intensity(cd) 2000±25%
Color Red
Power input Customizable
Flashing rate(Times/min) 20~60
Rated power(W) ≤2W
Light control environment   (cd/㎡) 50-500
IP degree IP66
Environment tempt.(℃) -40~+55
Environment humidity(%) 0~95
Wind load(M/S) ≥80

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