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LED navigation lights
Solar type navigation light

Star Standard was founded in 2012, since the foundation Star Standard is focusing on aviation obstruction lights(AC&DC type available).Star standard offers a complete range of standard and custom aviation obstruction lighting system for high structures inclusive of RF towers, wireless communication towers, etc. All series of aviation obstruction lights are designed and manufactured in compliance with ICAO standard, we have a strong R&D team, can customize all kinds of aviation obstruction lighting system or solution for clients across the globe, we also can provide critical lighting and hazard marking lights in the toughest conditions around the world, our clients are mainly from Asia, Russia, South America, Africa.

All obstruction lights are manufactured in ISO9001:2015 certified factory in China’s “Silicon Valley”—Shenzhen City.

Application of a LED navigation light

Where operationally necessary a LED navigation light at each aerodrome intended for use at night.
The operational requirement shall be determined having regard to the requirements of the air traffic using the aerodrome, the conspicuity of the aerodrome features in relation to its surroundings and the installation of other visual and non-visual aids useful in locating the aerodrome.

LED navigation light shall be provided at an aerodrome intended for use at night if one or more of the following conditions exist:
a) aircraft navigate predominantly by visual means;
b) reduced visibilities are frequent; or
c) it is difficult to locate the aerodrome from the air due to surrounding lights or terrain.


The LED navigation light shall be located on or adjacent to the aerodrome in an area of low ambient background lighting.

What is a LED navigation light?

Navigation light should be provided on an apron, on a de-icing/anti-icing facility and on a designated isolated aircraft parking position intended to be used at night.

Navigation lights should be located so as to provide adequate illumination on all apron service areas, with a minimum of glare to pilots of aircraft in flight and on the ground, aerodrome and apron controllers, and personnel on the apron. The arrangement and aiming of floodlights should be such that an aircraft stand receives light from two or more directions to minimize shadows.

Usage of a navigation light

Navigation lights are widely used in small civil airports,They are installed on the threshold of the airport by emitting fixed red(green, blue, white, etc.) color, to alert the pilots to have a safe landing. Those lights enable the runway more visible to pilots and aircrafts. Those lights are quite essential for the civil aviation industry. All countries across the globe use aviation obstruction lights for the airports.

LED navigation standard

All kinds of LED navigation lights should be ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization) or FAA(Federal Aviation Administration) compliant. ICAO and FAA both have a standard regarding all kinds of navigation lights, all lights should be designed and installed according to ICAO or FAA standard. In China, the standard is called “CAAC”(Civil Aviation Administration of China). All kinds of aviation obstruction lights should be compliant with CAAC when they are sold.

LED navigation lights


The spectral distribution of navigation lights shall be such that the colours used for aircraft marking connected with routine servicing, and for surface and obstacle marking, can be correctly identified.


A navigation light should be capable of producing red, green and white signals, and of:
a) being aimed manually at any target as required;
b) giving a signal in any one colour followed by a signal in either of the two other colours; and
c) transmitting a message in any one of the three colours by Morse Code up to a speed of at least four words per minute.
When selecting the green light, use should be made of the restricted boundary of green.

The beam spread should be not less than 1° nor greater than 3°, with negligible light beyond 3°. When the signalling lamp is intended for use in the daytime the intensity of the coloured light should be not less than 6 000cd

Why choose Star Standard?

With more than 9 years’ experience in aviation obstruction lights, Star Standard dedicates to lead the aviation industry in China,

With our strong R&D team of photometric & chromatic and our extensive background in aviation obstruction lights and monitoring, No worries! We assure you that you can find exactly the right solution for your application.

  • On-site checking, measuring, installation, on-site maintenance and repairs and lighting inspections via our field services team.
  • Trainings for navigation lights, lighting system, control system, monitoring system, etc.

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All series of obstruction lights include spare parts: 1 year warranty