XB-L865(L) Medium Obstruction light – A

Effective light intensity : 20000-25000cd
Color : White
Horizontal azimuth angl : 360°
Vertical angle : 3°~7°
Light source : LED
Life : >50000H
Flash mode : Synchronized flash
Flash rate : 20-60 flashes/min
Control system : GPS; Control box;
Operation tempt. : -40°~50°
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Product Details
The white flashing Medium Obstruction light is widely used in tall buildings, iron towers, large bridges, cranes, chimneys, lighthouses, high voltage transmission towers, drill platforms, etc. To alert aircrafts and reduce the hazards to the aircrafts. Standard: ICAO: Annex 14 CAAC: MH/T 6012 FAA: AC150/5345-43G Product features: ① This is our self-developed product with self-intellectual property, the patent no.:201410004450.8. ② This product adopts high efficiency LED light source, world leading importing chips packaging, life is more than 100,000 hours, with self-developed patented optical lens, have a brilliant optical effects, high efficiency of light source conversion, evident energy-saving effect. ③ The heat-sinking and structural parts adopt lightweight aluminum alloy, with good heat dissipation, small in size, lightweight, easy for transportation and installation. ④ This product adopts professional LED constant current driven power, good driven performance, long life time, with anti-surge and lighting proof set, available for severe working environment. ⑤ This product equips light control and GPS synchronous control system, it can control the switches automatically and synchronous flashing, choosing our control is an optional. Specification:                           Installation size:
Medium intensity obstruction light type A
Model XB-L865(L)
Item Specification
Size(mm) Φ221*172
Net weight(kg) 2.1
>50cd/㎡ 20000±25%
<50 cd/㎡ 2000±25%
Color White
Power input AC:100V-250V
Power frequency(Hz) 50-60
Flashing rate(Times/min) 20-60 flashes/min(adjustable)
Rated power(W) ≤20W
Light control environment   (cd/㎡) 50-500(Adjustable)
IP degree IP66
Environment tempt.(℃) -40~+55
Environment humidity(%) 0~95
Wind resistance(M/S) ≥80