Heliport inset light

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Heliport inset light
Heliport inset light, half inset


This product is inset installed along touchdown and liftoff area edge, it can radiate steady burning green light at all direction in the night or low visibility daytime, to identify the borders of touchdown and liftoff area edge, enable pilots to land safely. Suitable for surface apron, elevated apron or large platform apron.

Since the foundation of 2012,Star Standard manufactures and designs all kinds of helipad lights and beacons, like elevated lights, inset lights, half inset lights, flood lights, HAPI,etc. Those lights are widely used for applications like commercial, private, government, military, hospitals, etc. Those lights must be compliant with ICAO & FAA standard, especially for the photometric and chromaticity.

Regulations for helipad lights and heliport lighting system has changed a lot these decades, Explore the latest gulations from us and reach our heliport lighting experts to ensure your products, solutions are 100% compliant with relative standards.


ICAO: ANNEX 14 Part Ⅱ Heliport



Product features

  • This is our self-developed product with self-intellectual property, the patent no.: 201310073953.6, optimized for integration in elevated Helipads,Optimized light output due to patented optics concept.
    • This product adopts high efficiency LED light source, world leading importing chips packaging, life is more than 100,000 hours, with self-developed patented optical lens, have a brilliant optical effects, high efficiency of light source conversion, evident energy-saving effect, low power consumption.
    • The heat-sinking and structural adopt lightweight aluminum alloy, with good heat dissipation, small in size, lightweight, easy for transportation and installation.Adopts corrosion resistant anodised aluminium housing, compact and low profile.
    • This product adopts professional LED constant current driven power, good driven performance, long life time, with anti-surge and light proof set, available for severe working environment.
    • This product is inset fixture, it is not an obstacle for helicopters, safe and reliable.
    • This light is compatible with existing lighing fixture.
    • Safety Extra Low Voltage compliant.
    • Maximum resistance against liquid and dust intrusion and mechanical shocks due to fully sealed optics and electronics.
Heliport inset light
Heliport inset light TLOF


Model XB-ZBJ2L
Item Specification
Size(mm) Φ165*97
Net weight(kg) 4.5
Effective light intensity(cd) ≥30cd
Color Green
Power input AC:100V-250V
Frequency(Hz) 50-60
Rated power(W) 4
Flashing rate(Times/min) Steady burning
IP degree IP68
Environment tempt(℃) -40~+55
Environment humidity(%) 0~95
Wind resistance(M/S) ≥80
Heliport inset light
Flight path alignment light inset type
Heliport inset light
Heliport inset light FATO

Why choose Star Standard?

With more than 9 years’ experience in helipad lights, Star Standard dedicates to lead the aviation industry in China,

With our strong R&D team of photometric & chromatic and our extensive background in aviation obstruction lights and monitoring, No worries! We assure you that you can find exactly the right solution for your application.

  • On-site checking, measuring, installation, on-site maintenance and repairs and lighting inspections via our field services team.
  • Trainings for helipad lights, lighting system, control system, monitoring system, etc.

How to purchase from Star Standard?

If you are interested in our helipad lights, please feel free to contact us by:

Contact: SHE(MR.)


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  About shipping

Normally for helipad lights, ship by air, if Qty is in big scales, ship by sea;

Package: carton box, or wooden box;

Lead time: QTY<20ea, have stock, can be shipped out immediately;

         QTY>20ea, 10~15days;

         QTY>100ea, 20 days;

Shipping by air: 7~10 days;

By sea: 15~35 days;


All series of helipad lights include spare parts: 1 year warranty.


Additional helipad lights may be requested except TLOF/FATO, like, heliport beacons, aiming light, H light, circle light, Flight path alignment light, etc, Those lights are recommended or based on actual site’s aeronautical study.

1.Flight path alignment lights are used to mark the direction of approach and/or departure flight paths;

2.Helicopter approach path indicator (HAPI) lights may be used to provide glideslope guidance to pilots, to avoid unnecessary operations before landing;

3. A windsock is used to indicate the wind direction and speed, if helicopter lands at night, the windsock must be installed with lights, like obstruction light, flood light.

4. A heliport beacon is used to identify the location of helipad, it flashes white color light;

5. Heliport taxiway centerline light(bidirectional green color) and taxiway edge light(omnidirectional blue light) make taxiway routes more visible.

6. L810 low intensity obstruction light marks any obstacles near the heliport, or mark the approach and depature path for the pilots;

7.A helicopter approach lighting system (HALS) bearing a distinct design ensures the heliport is not mistaken for an airport approach lighting system and runway.