Heliport beacons

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Heliport beacons
Heliport beacon light (ICAO type)

A heliport beacon light is installed in a heliport where:

a) long-range visual guidance is considered to be necessary and is not provided by other visual means of warning, or
b) identification of the heliport is difficult due to surrounding lights

The heliport beacon shall be located on or adjacent to the heliport preferably at an elevated position and so that it does not dazzle a pilot at short range.The heliport beacon emits repeated series of equispaced short duration white flashes,The light from the beacon is shown at all angels of azimuth to enable pilots to see it easy free.


This specification details that Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) & International Civil Aviation Administration(ICAO) require for airport light beacons at civil airports, military airports, seaplane bases, and heliports,etc.


L-801H    Medium intensity heliport beacon

L-802H    High intensity heliport beacon

Flash Rate

L-801H     33 to 39 flashes per minute (fpm)

L-802H     33 to 39 flashes per minute (fpm)

Flash Duration

a. The duration of individual flashes must be from 75~300 milliseconds (ms).
b. The requirement above may be met in capacitor discharge-type beacons by a series of rapid successive flashes which appear to the viewer to be one uninterrupted flash.

Signal type

a. Airport beacons must provide the following signal colors:

L-801H & L-802H       Alternate white, green, and yellow.

Input Voltage

The heliport beacon light has to be designed to operate from 110~265V, at a tolerance of ±10 percent, 60 Hertz line frequency, alternating current.

Product introduction

As a special equipment aiding helipads, heliport beacon light is used to identify the location of helipads.


No. Standard Standard description
1 MH 5013-2014 《Technical standard for civil airport grounding》
2 MH 5011-2013 《Technical standard for civil airport flying areas》
Heliport beacons

Product features

1、This product is self-developped, with our own patent for invention of optical & new patent for product test;

2、Upper down covers adopt aluminium alloy machine shaping, power control box adopts 304 stainless steel;

3、Adopt reflex housing for the optical module, high efficient of light collection, do not have light pollution caused by any scattered light.

4、Outer cover adopts optical PC material;

5、Horizontal angle can be 360°;

6、Adopts high power LED light source, can work 50000H continuously, energy saving, environment protection, long life

7、Have AC power supply mode, high power constant current output, can assure the stability of life;

8、Have light sensor, can switch to 3 light levels according to background brightness;

9、Can be equipped with a lighting rod if needed, to assure it is anti-thunder;

10、Installation frames, lighting rod, fastener,etc, all adopt 304 stainless steel, high strength in structure, light weight, anti corrosion.

Heliport beacons


Heliport beacons


Heliport beacons

Heliport beacons
Heliport beacons
Heliport beacons
Heliport beacons

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