Helipad Heliport beacon light

Effective light intensity : ≥2500Cd Flash color : White Power input : AC100-250V Power frequency : 50-60Hz Rated power : 50W Wind resistance : ≥80m/s Flash mode : Continuously flash Flash rate : 4 flashes/2s Light source : LED Operation tempt. : -40°~50°

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Heliport beacon light is a general product for various heliports or aprons, install it in a heliport or a nearby elevated position, it radiates full directional white flashing light signal in the night or low visibility daytime as a guidance in a far distance, it is vital for a pilot under the circumstance of difficulties in identifying.


ICAO: ANNEX 14 Part Ⅱ Heliport



Product features

① This is our self-developed product with self-intellectual property, the patent no.: 201410004450.8

② This product adopts high efficiency LED light source, world leading importing chips packaging, life is more than 100,000 hours, with self-developed patented optical lens, have a brilliant optical effects, high efficiency of light source conversion, evident energy-saving effect.

③ The heat-sinking and structural adopt lightweight aluminum alloy, with good heat dissipation, small in size, lightweight, easy for transportation and installation.

④ This product adopts professional LED constant current driven power, good driven performance, long life time, with anti-surge and light proof set, available for severe working environment.

Net weight(kg)3.2
Effective light intensity(cd)≥2500cd
Power inputAC:100V-250V
Power frequency (Hz)50-60
Rated power(W)50
Flashing rate4 times/2S
IP degreeIP65
Environment tempt(℃)-40~+55
Environment humidity(%)0~95
Wind resistance(M/S)≥80