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User manual of L-810low intensity obstruction light
Views:542   Published:2017-11-8

1、 Application

This product is widely used for those places aviation alarms required, such as high-rise buildings, iron towers, large bridges, tall chimneys, lighthouses, high voltage transmission towers, drilling platforms, etc. It can be used independently when to be installed structures are less than 45m; when structures are more than 45m, higher brightness obstruction lights are required.

2、 Specification


Power consumption:≤5W

Environment temperature-40℃┉60

Environment humidity:≤95%

IP degreeIP65

Flashing rateSteady burning


Installation size84mm×84mm×M10

Light control sensitivity50500Lux

Effective light intensity:≥32.5CD

Operation height:≤Altitude 4500m

Wind resistance80m/s

3、 Function

L-810 low intensity aviation obstruction light can operate independently, self-equips light control switch, can switch on in the night and shut in the daytime automatically, the sensitivity of light control switch is between 50~500Lux.

4、 Way of use

①      Recognition of wire out: There is only one cable out from this product, brown (red) & blue wire is power wire (AC220V), brown (red) wire is firing line (L), blue is null wire (N), yellow green is ground wire (G).

②      Way of connection:

Brown (red) wire connects to firing line (L), blue wire connects null wire (N), yellow green connects to the ground, green wire is anticreep, like below:

5、 Notice

①      All wires must be in a correct way of connection, otherwise they can be burned, please check all the marks and instructions carefully.

②      Power supply for this product is AC220V, other power supplies cannot be used, like DC48V, etc, otherwise, the product can be burned. Contact our technicians when the product cannot work normally or mis-connect, to debug it.

③      Keep the luminaire >2m away from transmission line before installation, try to avoid high intensity radiation areas so as not to influence the operation and communication of the luminaire. >3m if transmitting power is more than 500W. Do not install the luminaire on the top or edge of the iron tower to escape from thunder strike.

Special notice: Make sure the light control side of the luminaire faces wider space before installation (Enable the light control sensor to receive the sunlight fully),ensure the luminaire is free of obstruction reflections.

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