Introduction of airport windsock windcone

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Introduction of airport windsock windcone

Airport windsock windcone

Wind Cone is known by many names: Windsock, Windcone or Wind Direction Indicator. It provides vital information to pilots of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.
A properly designed windsock will indicate both wind direction and wind speed, and will be clearly decipherable to pilots on final approach, while taxiing for takeoff, and when doing a mid-field runway inspection while planning their approach.

Wind Cone Overview

A windcone is a carefully designed fabric cone that is mounted on a metal frame. This metal frame is attached to a vertical pole via a swivel that allows the fabric cone to rotate freely. The fabric cone must be designed to provide relative wind speed indication. A fully extended windsock indicates a wind speed in excess of 15 knots. An illuminated windcone must be powered in some manner. Common methods are with 120VAC/240VAC or 6.6Amp circuitry. Recent advances in both LED and solar power technology have allowed for the creation of reliable and compliant solar powered LED windsocks.

  • A wind cone is among the most basic and the most important pieces of equipment for any airport, regardless of traffic volume or location.
  • If an airport is planning on night operations, it is critically important that the windcone be illuminated.
  • An illuminated windcone can be either externally illuminated or internally illuminated.
  • An internally illuminated wind cone is generally regarded as being more visible for night operations.
Introduction of airport windsock windcone
Wind Cone operating in the Caribbean

Wind Cones vs. Windsocks

Wind Cones and Wind Socks are essentially the same thing. Having said that, a Wind Cone tends to use a rigid frame instead of a basic hoop to support the fabric sock and avoid tangling on the pole. Solar Series LED wind cones and windsocks are designed and installed according to the relevant FAA, ICAO, defense or customer specifications. Whether the requirement be for civil airports, remote air bases, outlying heliports or offshore helipads, solar LED wind cones are in use all around the world in some of the most challenging climates imaginable. Custom solutions have been designed for both permanent and portable installations, whereby various sizes, designs, radio control and operational capabilities are posible. Using an intelligently designed aluminum tilt-pole with a patented aluminum swivel system, the Solar Series LED Wind Cones and Windsocks are designed to facilitate easy installation and servicing by two or more persons with no electrical infrastructure requirements over its lifespan, with some of the original wind cones still in operation for more than 50 years.

Introduction of airport windsock windcone
Solar LED wind cone